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  Why Change Now  
1. Career Growth
Your Immediate boss owns the company ... and he's really healthy.
2. Location, Location
Absolutely hate shoveling snow ... Absolutely love to ski.
3. $$ Money $$
'Twins' were just accepted to Stanford -- both of 'em.
4. Job Security
Ex-girlfriend was just promoted as your immediate supervisor.
5. Sanity
You have always known your boss is a psychotic nut, but now you are beginning to see things his way.
6. Company Stability
The Federal Trade Commission just walked in and confiscated all accounting records.
7. Equity Opportunity
Sick and tired of watching goof-ball neighbors become millionaires' on stock options.


Have a reason to change now?
Contribute it now and see your name in lights right here. Just fill out the form below and we'll have our crack staff determine whether it's a winner. We of course hope you'll use discretion and keep it clean.
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