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Position: Mechanical Design Engineer
Industry: Industrial Manufacturing
Region: Southeast
Job Type: Mechanical
Salary: Open
Job Req#: 156
CAD design of casting, extrusions, sheet metal racks, plastic cases including snap analysis, PCB, fastener, components and assemblies. CAD Thermal Analysis and Design: Experienced in designing electronic enclosures for electronic power devices and circuit boards to handle increase thermal densities. Experienced with computational thermal analysis software to aid in design. Must be experienced with optimizing thermal design utilizing thermal design utilizing heat sink, fans, natural convection, conduction and radiation.
Position requires a minimum of (5) years of professional experience in the design of electronic motor control equipment. BSEE minimum, MSEE a plus. Candidates that are U.S. Citizens or permanent residents are preferred.
Connor Tobin
800-770-7166 x28

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