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Position: Program Manager, Engineering
Industry: Motion Control
Region: Midwest
Job Type: Management
Salary: Open
Job Req#: 132
Recommended based on component devices available the design of the power topology for the assigned drive project. Design of switch mode and linear power supplies as needed in the servo drive. Design of filters, snubber and isolation components as needed. Design of magnetics and circuits utilizing magnetic components. Simulate and analyze the above listed types of circuits and functions. Select components; create schematics and Bills of Materials. Prototype and evaluate sub-circuits and circuits for suitability of use in the end design Leadership. Directly supervise up to 6 power design engineers/technicians.
BS Engineering is a minimum MS Engineering or related technical field preferred. Seven years of engineering in a related field minimum. Seven to 10 years of engineering experience in a drive or closed loop controller field. In lieu of BS degree is acceptable or equivalence shall be determined by the appropriate Manager/Supervisor and the Human Resources representative after the completion of the interview.
Tom Young
800-770-7166 x31

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