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Position: High Power Systems Design
Industry: Industrial Manufacturing
Region: Southeast
Job Type: Design - Power Supply
Salary: Open
Job Req#: 133
Development support and production of an industrialized HV power supply, simmer/igniter supply, and solid-state switches incorporated into pulse forming networks driving commercial high-energy pulsed UV flashlamp systems. Effective management of the following: system control architecture; sensor interface and buss monitoring and diagnostics; safety and security; local and remote control/monitoring systems; EMI; thermal management; AC distribution; regulatory compliance; fault analysis, and other product reliability/performance issues.
6-10 years industrial product development experience, including pulsed power and HV supply products. Microprocessor architectures and design, including real-time OS, I/O buss technology, PLC Control systems, some board-level analog and digital design. Manufacturing experience preferred. Excellent knowledge of both existing and emerging EE standards and techniques.
Connor Tobin
800-770-7166 x28

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