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Position: Applications Engineer
Industry: Semiconductor
Region: West Coast
Job Type: Applications
Salary: Top Compensation, Bonus and Options
Job Req#: 123
Firmly established technology leader seeks a highly technical engineer to join their Applications team. 3+ years in applications or design engineering at a power supply or a semiconductor manufacturer. Design or power management and/or power conversion circuits using analog and digital ICs. Utilizing microcontrollers, interface, programming and trouble shooting of µC-based systems. Prepare application notes, test reports, technical articles for electronics industry publications; edit press releases. Design complete power systems using OTS products, both company and third party to address application specific requirements as well as create reference designs. Perform bench testing of power supplies and systems, comparative analyses, troubleshooting, and failure analyses. Analyze customer requirements to identify industry trends and provide input to technical marketing. Assist marketing in development of product definitions and roadmaps, and field sales training.
Excellent power circuit design knowledge, understanding of system level issues, power management, EMI, processes and manufacturing. Good interpersonal skills to work with customers, both external and internal. Technical writing skills, ability to compile and present data to customers, management, and salespeople. Analytical skills to accurately translate customers’ needs into products and industry trends.
Chris Catani
800-770-7166 x32

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