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Position: Power Supply Design Engineer
Industry: Power Conversion
Region: South - Sunbelt
Job Type: Design - Power Supply
Salary: Open
Job Req#: 122
Join our superior design team. We are looking for individuals with a comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience of all facets of switching power supply design. Prefer BSEE and/or MSEE along with 5 years design experience working on projects involving high-density DC/DC converters, including circuits such as multi-phase topologies and isolated topologies. Also knowledge of component selection, magnetic design, thermal management and high frequency PCB layout techniques would be required. Proficiency in design tools such as Spice simulation and MathCAD would be considered an advantage. ROLE: To be part of a small but growing engineering team, which develops high frequency, high current DC/DC converters for the computing and telecommunication markets. Designs will be taken from first concepts right through to mass production.
BSEE or MSEE or equivalent. 5 years experience in designing high frequency high-density DC/DC converters. Knowledge of current components and future trends. Working experience of MathCAD, Spice or other design software tools is an advantage. Computer literacy: Ability to use MS Word and Excel proficiently.
Jan Mohondro
800-770-7166 x24

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