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Position: IC Design Engineer
Industry: Semiconductor
Region: West Coast
Job Type: Design - Integrated Circuits
Salary: Open
Job Req#: 120
Design Power Management DC-DC converter ICís in Bipolar, CMOS and/or BiCMOS technology. Projects will be taken from definition through release to production, including simulation, layout, debugging silicon, fixes, characterization, datasheet writing and release.
Arguably the semiconductor industryís best managed (and lucrative) company is seeking to add key IC Design Engineer to its growing product development group. MSEE/Ph.D with 7-10 years of experience in analog IC design in CMOS and bipolar /BiCMOS technologies. Experience with Power Management IC Design in Bipolar or CMOS is required as well as an understanding of Power Supply IC Design, Market and Application issues. Familiarity with all aspects of the IC design flow through design and layout. Thorough familiarity with high speed and resolution data converter design techniques, and the recent completion of successful projects in the area, are a significant plus.
Noah Sholes
800-770-7166 x34

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