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Position: Director, Applications Engineering
Industry: Semiconductor
Region: West Coast
Job Type: Management
Salary: Open
Job Req#: 119
Establish a reputation for Excellence in Application Engineering. Establish company as an “expert” in power management in its target markets. Establish common methodologies practices and processes across all target market segments. Supervise staff of 10-14 engineers such that they run at peak productivity, and such that they feel like important members of our team. Team with marketing to identify future products. Lead the technical effort to decide on new architectures. Responsible for the technical portion of product definitions including: block diagrams, data sheet, architecture, and competitive advantage (marketing will do the business plan portion for new products). Build and nurture relationships with high level technical contacts at all target customers. Team with marketing to dynamically establish new product priorities, and balance applications resources. Manage and maintain demo board operation including board design, fabrication, and fulfillment. MEASURABLES: Percent of products that hit the market place without serious bugs; Revenue per new products; Percent of new products that are launched on time with “complete” technical support; Marketing Yield (% of new products that achieve a minimum revenue); number of successful “big hit” design wins at tier 1 accounts; product definition cycle time; product development cycle time; Number of technical publications done on time – app notes, articles, papers; Feedback from customers, FAEs, marketing, design, test and product engineer.
Must have proven track record in managing and supervising application engineers in the semiconductor field. Must have Analog Power Management Application Experience. Must demonstrate superior listening skills i.e. listening to customers, sales, applications, and asking the right questions. Must show substantial imitative and leadership. Must be positive and upbeat most if not all of the time. Must have BSEE or equivalent. Must be a good presenter and public speaker. Must be able to handle and diffuse conflict.
Matt McGuill
800-770-7166 x27

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