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Position: IC Design Engineer
Industry: Semiconductor
Region: Northeast
Job Type: Design - Integrated Circuits
Salary: Open
Job Req#: 126
In this position, you will quickly take a lead role including customer interaction-through all phases of the design process from product definition through the delivery of silicon samples. You will design, simulate, supervise the layout, verification and evaluation of silicon samples. You will also be called upon to assist in mentoring more junior engineers. Working with marketing and systems engineers, you will have the opportunity to influence the Company’s product and technology directions. You will work with the latest Cadence analog design tools (Virtuoso Composer, Spectr, Verilog), HSPICE and appropriate PC-based tools (PSICE, MathCad, Matlab).
The successful candidate will possess a BSEE and a minimum of 8 years of experience in the bipolar/CMOS, analog/Power/mixed-mode IC design areas using the above tools (or similar
Chris Catani
800-770-7166 x32

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