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Position: Power Systems/Controls Engineer
Industry: Renewable Energy
Region: Northeast
Job Type: Design - Embedded Controls
Salary: Open
Job Req#: 124
Design of Distribution Power Generation systems utilizing components (i.e. inverters, generators, DC-DCís) and components from other companies (i.e. fuel cells, combustion engines, transformers) as necessary. Project management of DG systems projects. Coding and testing embedded control software to extend/customize programmable components for use in Distributed Generation Systems. Coding and testing of PC based interface, including GUIs. Contributing to proposals to customers, especially technical contents.
Experience in the DG or UPS industry is necessary. Occasional travel and presentation skills are required. Knowledge of DG markets, customer requirements, and applications is highly preferred. Fluency in C is desired. Thorough knowledge of control theory is required, particularly relation to DG applications. Working knowledge of grid synchronization, interconnection, and DG standards is preferred. Experience with power electronics and an electric machine in the 3kW-200kW range is required. Understanding of field-oriented control of AC machines (a.k.a.dq motor theory) is helpful. Working knowledge of assembly language and/or Java is helpful. An MSEE and minimum of 5 years experience in the DG or UP; industry is required.
Lynne Corrigan
800-770-7166 x29

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