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Position: Field Application Engineer
Industry: Semiconductor
Region: Midwest
Job Type: Applications
Salary: Open
Job Req#: 111
A challenging field applications engineering role in support of magnetic sensor sales in North America. This position is in Detroit, MI and has a particular focus in the Automotive Market; however support of other markets and regions is anticipated. Telephone and customer-site support demand excellent interpersonal skills. Regular customer presentations and seminars demand good presentation skills and the ability to present the corporate information as well as technical aspects of the product line. A high level of commitment and self-motivated and the ability to communicate well with customers, the US sales organization, and our Concord, NH technical center is required. Publication of technical articles and other technical documents to support the market penetration would be expected. A key objective will be identifying new product development opportunities in line with market requirements and internal business objectives. This position requires both applications engineering and sales expertise. This is not a position requiring extensive laboratory time. Building solid technical relationships with customers is instrumental to the success of this candidate.
The ideal candidate would possess a BSEE and 5 years experience in the automotive electronics market.
Matt McGuill
800-770-7166 x27

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