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Position: Senior Development Engineer
Industry: Power Conversion
Region: Northeast
Job Type: Design - Power Supply
Salary: 75-95K
Job Req#: 101
Strong individual contribution in development of specification, design, analysis and packaging efforts of modern precision SMPS power supplies including controls for high technology, industrial electronic, and laboratory applications. This involves particular emphasis on high voltage and low voltage power electronics systems in the 1000 W to 100,000 W range. Evaluate various power circuit topologies to achieve the optimal cost/performance trade-offer the particular project specifications. Regularly work and lead a team of development engineers, packaging designers and technicians through a complete product development including design areas outside of the power electronics design expertise.
BSEE with 3 or more years of relevant experience in design and development of switched mode power supplies. Accomplishment in development of power electronic based systems and equipment, including experience in analog, digital and power semiconductor circuit and system design. Preferred, additional experience with application of digital controls, including microprocessor based control systems and software, and IEEE interface to power supply equipment.
Lynne Corrigan
800-770-7166 x29

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