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Position: Analog IC Design Engineer
Industry: Semiconductor
Region: South - Sunbelt
Job Type: Design - Integrated Circuits
Salary: Open
Job Req#: 138
Analog Design Engineers to execute designs done in Bipolar and BiCMOS processes. Designers are to utilize and leverage the established design and manufacturing infra-structure. This is a great opportunity to assume the lead role in challenging designs. You will direct die floor planning and supervise die layout. This position will work closely with Marketing, Applications, and Product and Test people. In addition, you will be asked to mentor junior engineers and coop’s as appropriate.
This position will require an intimate knowledge of linear circuit building blocks, with keen analytical insight into parasitics when making design tradeoffs. You must be well-versed in Bipolar or BiCMOS technologies. We require a proficiency in using Mentor of Cadence tools for simulation and layout. You must also be authoritative in designing Op Amps, Audio Amplifiers, Linear and Switching Regulator. Additional technical abilities include having keen diagnostic skills in tedious circuit problems: being skilled and meticulous in component matching practices; and being artful in designing power structures (Bipolar/DMOS/CMOS).
Jan Mohondro
800-770-7166 x24

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