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Position: Application Factory Engineer
Industry: Semiconductor
Region: South - Sunbelt
Job Type: Applications
Salary: Open
Job Req#: 135
3 to 5 years of successful experience in designing power supply circuits integrated on end application systems. Example line cards, mother boards. Experience with point of load non-isolated supplies with various control method, voltage loop, current loop, and hysteretic. Strong knowledge of components and magnetic design capability. Practical knowledge in software, particularly schematic entry, PCB layout, and math package like MathCAD. Good communication skills both verbally and written. Will need publish a couple of papers per year. Works well in group of strong engineers and will take initiative. Creative problem solver.
BSEE, MSEE preferred with over 5 years hands-on Design/Development of DC/DC converters for commercial or industrial applications
Jan Mohondro
800-770-7166 x24

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