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Position: Electronic Control Systems Engineer
Industry: Industrial Manufacturing
Region: Pacific Northwest
Job Type: Design - Firmware
Salary: Open
Job Req#: 152
Picturesque, small city suburb location with 50 year old established electronics manufacturer. Work with a team of sophisticated technical controls engineers in developing high level controls capability for complex automated equipment. The successful candidate will take projects from the analysis of a client’s needs through component selection, electrical panel layout, schematics, control software planning and installation. These systems include features such as machine vision, PC/PLC control, wafer handling, pick and place and custom GUI/HML. You will also participate in new business development proposals. This challenging, high visibility position will provide the opportunity for you to utilize both your design skills and your project management expertise.
BSEE with minimum of 10 years recent machine controls experience (including hands-on lab/shop development of your own designs), robotic hardware/software systems integration, PC/PLC based machine controls, servo motor control, C++ and proficiency in AutoCAD and machine vision. MSEE a plus.
Jan Mohondro
800-770-7166 x24

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