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Position: Field Application Engineer
Industry: Semiconductor
Region: West Coast
Job Type: Applications
Salary: Open
Job Req#: 116
Looking for proven technical achiever to assist with new product design wins world-wide. Products include DC/DC controllers, class D audio amplifiers, LED drivers and CCFL inverters. Successful applicant will be highly competent to provide superior applications support, having come from a product design background. Thirty percent of work time will be spent traveling and working with sales/marketing staff to obtain new design wins. Balance to duties may range from customer applications support reporting to the Director of Marketing to new product definition and development reporting to the VP of Systems Engineering.
BSEE mandatory, plus MSEE or equivalent experience. Minimum 15 years experience in power supply design and/or applications engineering, minimum 7 years experience in power supply design. High efficiency DC/DC circuit design expertise for portable and hand held applications, and working knowledge of high performance buck regulators and class D audio systems is a MUST. Experience with CCFL inverter design is a plus but not mandatory. Must be willing and able to travel Asia, Europe and throughout North America for new product design-in and customer support. Applicant should be personable, goal-oriented and self-motivated to succeed. Must be able to communicate effectively, especially with mandarin-speaking customers.
Matt McGuill
800-770-7166 x27

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