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Position: Algorithm Design, Motor Drives
Industry: Semiconductor
Region: West Coast
Job Type: Design - Motion Control
Salary: Open
Job Req#: 141
Participate in the advanced control algorithm design effort for high performance motor drive and advanced appliance drive application. Algorithm development includes unique algorithm solving motion specific problems such as torque disturbance rejection, sensorless servo algorithm, etc., and power electronics related algorithm such as fast current sensing, harmonic current extraction, dynamic EMI control, temperature control, etc. Algorithm also includes multi-axis extension of motion peripherals with minimum gate size. Firmware/hardware development of 8-bit uP based daughter board to support I/O expansion and configuration capability in Accelerator servo product. Work include uP adaptation into gate array in the future. Participate in the effort of practical implementation of newly designed High Voltage IC, and sometimes work with HVIC design engineering group. Participate in design review and process of Appliance motion control development and Active EMI filter development activity as needed.
Must have a deep understanding of high performance motion control and its related algorithm development. Must have experience in firmware development of microcontroller/DSP for motor drive related project. Experience in ASIC design and Verilog code development is a must. Experience in power electronics and the power components (IGBT, Power MOSFET, Diodes) in terms of loss EMI noise, gate drive, and protection circuits are preferred. The motor drive experience in the industry is a must. Intensive electric machine knowledge (Induction machine, PM machine) is also preferred. Must be able to use the simulation tool (Mathlab/Simulink), the synthesizer tool (Synplicity, etc.), and the other design tools.
Chris Catani
800-770-7166 x32

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