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Position: Senior Electronics Engineer
Industry: Phase1 Start-ups
Region: Rocky Mountain
Job Type: Design - Analog
Salary: Open
Job Req#: 142
Design and development of circuit design in any of the following areas: micro-computer design, analog design including audio, discrete interface, power supply and power routing, relays, lighting, and other electro-mechanical devices; audio and data switching circuits; RF design at the circuit and modular level; basic combinational logic; microprocessor circuits. Assist with CAD processes: Schematic capture, PCB layout, FAA, Engineering and Manufacturing drawings and documents. Will work with other team members (mechanical, electrical, software and system engineers) to integrate product requirements.
BSEE, previous engineering design and development experience. 10 years in related industries including communications, avionics, and RF/wireless products. Familiarity with AutoCAD software and other circuit design and layout CAD software.
Chris Catani
800-770-7166 x32

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