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Position: Program Manager
Industry: Power Conversion
Region: Northeast
Job Type: Management
Salary: Open
Job Req#: 128
Responsible for managing progress and execution of assigned NPI programs and projects; ensures schedules met. Maintains project timeline schedules, on-going and exception status reports; ensures communication among departments. Facilitates team members assigned tasks. Provides Sr. Staff notification of the same. Provide support for all CAD functions and design processes. With engineering staff and NPI teams, develops project timelines, cost estimates, and budgets. Maintains key metrics (new releases, delivery of customer completed projects launched to production per week, etc.). Track reports on project program performance to budget. Analyzes and budget exceptions and variances. Approves expenditures of program and projects, as assigned. Makes presentations to Sr. Staff and teams at Program Phase review meetings. Ensures programs meet cost targets prior to offshore manufacturing launch. Interfaces with team leader at manufacturing location. Coordinates project/program smooth transition into production.
Past experience in program management of project tracking tasks and activities. Experience with use of timelines, project tracking tools, methods, and related software. Computer literate on MAC and PC, using spreadsheet and word processing software. Experience required in analysis of budgets, departmental cost accounting. Possesses excellent organization must have a high energy level, capable of multitasking and communicating with employees at various levels in the company.
Lynne Corrigan
800-770-7166 x29

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