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Position: Senior Controls Engineer
Industry: Motion Control
Region: Southeast
Job Type: Design - Firmware
Salary: Open
Job Req#: 136
Lead hardware controller designer. Define, design, document, debug and test micro controller modules, including memory and boot circuitry. Responsible for microprocessor evaluation and selection. Provide test specifications, test procedure and support to software design group for all controller design issues. Provide schedule, risk analysis and other project engineering tasks.
9+ years experience in design environment, specializing in microprocessor design (PowerPC, 683xx, 68H12). Expertise in test equipment functionality pertaining to controller design. Detailed knowledge of embedded software design (SCC, SPI). Detail knowledge of network interface protocols and hardware implementation such as 100 Base T. Knowledge of schematic capture tools. Knowledge of VHDL design, FPGA integration. Excellent people skills, Team player and self-motivated.
Connor Tobin
800-770-7166 x28

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