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Position: EV Power Electronics Design Engineer
Industry: Renewable Energy
Region: West Coast
Job Type: Design - Power Supply
Salary: $120K-$150K
Job Req#: mmevpwrelecdeseng
This Electrical Engineering team works on a blend of challenges from electric vehicle propulsion prototypes through to production. Company works on power levels that range from those similar to consumer electronics applications to hundreds of KWs. Company is passionate about solving complex engineering problems and are committed to developing well-executed and fully-realized products. The candidate should possess relevant experience in high current, high voltage power applications. Engineers with experience in high power switching techniques and thermal management of power electrical components is desired. The ideal candidate is among the best at what s/he does and is universally appreciated by his/her colleagues.
BSEE or higher 5-10+ years of industry experience. Candidates that show only academic experience will not be considered. Proven technical leadership abilities. Extensive power electronics circuit design experience in high current, high voltage applications. You must have experience as the lead designer in a high current, high voltage product application. Relevant examples motor control inverters, isolated DC/DC converters, and isolated AC/DC converters. Experience with: power semiconductors (IGBTs, Mosfets, and WBG devices), gate drive, magnetics design, voltage isolation requirements, high current busing/cabling, thermal management of high power electrical components. Experience with the execution of taking a product from initial design through full validation to stable production. Experience with being the primary technical point of contact with contract manufacturers. Expert with electronics and system level debug; experience using multimeter, oscilloscope, soldering tools, current measurement techniques, and spectrum analyzers.
Matt McGuill
800-770-7166 x27

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