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Position: Systems Engineer
Industry: Solar/Wind Power
Region: Nationwide
Job Type: Design - Power Supply
Salary: depends on experience
Job Req#: LC systems eng1
The Systems Engineer will be responsible to prepare solar photovoltaic array designs using DC design tools provided. The array design consists of AutoCAD drawings of the physical layout, pile foundation plans, DC calculations, DC single line diagrams, PV source and output circuit details, combiner boxes and overcurrent protection selections. Will work closely with the staff Electrical Engineers to create a significant catalog of array designs allowing the Site Development group to quickly and efficiently produce project designs. Also provide detail design in AutoCAD of various electrical system components and be responsible for preforming the CAD work needed to prepare the DC Deliverable drawing package. Candidate will receive training on how to perform the array designs building upon his strong background in electrical engineering and design. Will work with the other departments (i.e. construction, commissioning, O&M, Quality) to improve current designs and to prepare new designs based on their suggestions.
No less than five years in either electrical consulting engineering, electrical construction or equivalent design and applications. Five years of hands on experience with AutoCAD. Competency in: Plotting individual drawings and batch (publishing) groups of drawings; Adding, deleting, and editing text; Reference Files; Inserting and manipulating blocks; Layer and line type management; Familiarity with CAD Standards. Prior experience in developing and reviewing technical specifications. Must have solid working knowledge of the National Electrical Code. EIT Certification preferred.
Lynne Corrigan
800-770-7166 x29

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