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Position: Senior Field Applications Engineer
Industry: Lighting
Region: West Coast
Job Type: Field Applications
Salary: $135k+
Job Req#: MM FAE
Experienced, self-motivated senior electrical field application engineer capable of bringing up lamp products into customer application scenarios. Familiar with state of the art LED driving technology, low voltage transformers and dimmer systems.
-Luminaire wiring knowledge. -Understand AC/DC LED driver technology. -Know techniques in accommodating dimming capability. -Schematic entry. -Capable of working alone on bench and in customer field to debug out issues. -Generate necessary reports for customer support. -At least 6 years in power management related experience. -Ability to travel on demand. -Excellent Customer Service and communication skills; with the ability to be a professional and effective liaison between internal and external customers.
Matt McGuill
800-770-7166 x27

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