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Position: Power Management IC Design Engineer
Industry: Semiconductor
Region: West Coast
Job Type: Design - Integrated Circuits
Salary: open
Job Req#: NS pwr mgt ic des
A World-wide, industry leading fabless semiconductor company is currently expanding their power management presence in the Bay Area. Immediate hiring needs for various level Power Management IC Design Engineers to design power management integrated circuits and power management units for smart phones, smart books and other wireless consumer electronic devices. These designs include analog ICs and systems containing DC/DC converters, LDOs linear voltage regulators, switching regulators, switchers and SMPS, chargers, battery charge controllers, crystal oscillators, precision references, comparators, audio amplifiers, video amplifiers, precision current sources and high-speed data transceivers.
MSEE (or PHD) and significant academic and/or industry experience designing full-custom Analog ICs with multiple voltage domains in BiCMOS, bipolar and CMOS technologies, as well significant experience with Cadence and other analog IC design tools.
Matt McGuill
800-770-7166 x27

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