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Position: Power Management Systems Engineer
Industry: Semiconductor
Region: West Coast
Job Type: Test/Reliability
Salary: $120k-$155k
Job Req#: MM pwr mgt sys
Responsible for the development of system architectures for PMICs and PMUs for wireless consumer electronics like smart phones, e-readers, UMPCs, MIDs, and tablets. These devices contain multiple voltage domains requiring a highly-integrated power system that includes DC/DC converters, linear voltage regulators, Switch Mode Power Supplies, including buck and boost voltage regulators, linear and switch mode battery chargers, fuel gauges, crystal oscillators and clock systems, precision references and current sources, comparators, audio amplifiers, video amplifiers and analog to digital converters. Work with Power Systems and Analog Power Management Teams to define and implement state of the art power systems and circuits for a variety of mobile devices and platforms. Responsibilities will include the research, specification and design of switch-mode power systems for chargers, USB interfaces, backlighting systems, etc.
BSEE/MSEE or PHDEE preferred. LI-SRC. Experience in system and transistor level design of high-volume, full-custom analog and mixed-signal PMICs and PMUs for use in mobile telecommunication, computing or consumer electronic devices. Experience specifying and integrating PMICs into phone type systems. Knowledge of Cadence design tools, power grid modeling, ultra-low-power system architectures and expertise in modeling languages like VerilogAMS, VerilogA or VerilogPLI.
Matt McGuill
800-770-7166 x27

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