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Position: Senior RF IC Design Engineer(s)
Industry: Semiconductor
Region: West Coast
Job Type: Design - Integrated Circuits
Salary: Open
Job Req#: 214
A highly , profitable, large public company with state of the art technology has an IC design engineering position that will define and implement industry leading RF / analog integrated circuits targeted specifically at state-of-the-art transceivers for cellular standards. Involvement in product definition, design and delivery to mass production.
MS / Ph.D. with strong emphasis on RF / analog circuit design. Must be knowledgeable of the Cadence environment and appropriate CAD tools. Candidates should have gone through the design, layout and test cycle of one or more of the following building blocks: LNA, Mixer, IQ Modulator, VCO, PLL, Fractional N Synthesizers, analog filters, OPAMPs, VGAs, A/D or D/A converters and related bias blocks. Candidates should be familiar with high level specifications and detailed circuit design for one or more of the major Cellular or WLAN standards. Proactive, self motivated and excellent team work is a must.
Noah Sholes
800-770-7166 x34

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