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Position: Senior Test Engineer
Industry: Semiconductor
Region: West Coast
Job Type: Product/Test
Salary: Unspecified
Job Req#: 157
Establish a database of all test systems, processes, and methodologies in Company's external and internal factories. Benchmark and learn m ore of any system, processes, and methodologies that could benefit the rest of Company's assembly sites. Recommend these benchmarked items to all plant managers, and obtain their approval. Work with Silicon R&D to learn the test requirements of new products and technologies and develop the test equipment and processes required to do the best job in a cost effective manner. Work with Test Equipment vendors to improve existing test systems and/or develop new ones that can test our devices more efficiently and at a lower cost. Assure that all assembly sites are following the right procedures to assure that test equipment is well maintained and calibrated to national standards. Work on continuous improvement in the major aspects of the job
BSEE, or equivalent years of experience. More than ten years experience dealing with advanced ATE applications related to ICs and Power devices. Knowledgeable in all electrical characteristics of ICs and Power MOSFETs. Working knowledge of semiconductor manufacturing (Wafer Fab and assembly). Excellent communication skills (verbal, written, and ability to make presentations to management). Strong driver (assertive and results/goal oriented. Team player with good interpersonal skills (ability to work efficiently with multi-functional groups)
Noah Sholes
800-770-7166 x34

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