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Position: Mechanical Packaging Engineer
Industry: Military
Region: Northeast
Job Type: Mechanical
Salary: Open
Job Req#: 155
Work in an IPT design environment as project lead electronics packaging Mechanical Design Engineer with Electrical Engineers, Production Engineers, Drafting Personnel, Engineering Managers, etc. Perform hand of FEM mechanical calculations to confirm the ability of the electronics equipment to meet their specified thermal, structural, dynamic environments.
BSME (MSME preferred) and a minimum of 10 years experience with mechanical design and fabrication of circuit cards, chassis and interconnects for high volume military and/or commercial radio/communications or similar equipment is requires. Solid experience with low cost commercial design techniques and fabrication process. Environmental test, and thermal/structural analysis experience is a plus. Knowledge of mechanical CAD is highly desirable. Knowledge of solids modeling and FEA is a plus. Project leadership experience required.
Lynne Corrigan
800-770-7166 x29

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